Unscrambling Africa is a project that seeks to explore urban areas all over the continent, from Alexandria to CapeTown, Youndé through to Addis Ababa to explore the different personalities to African cities. We want to document what urbanity means in the African context. To uncover how we use, define and relate with our spaces in Africa, whether explicitly or implicitly defined. To explore African architecture (does it exist?). To discover how different (or similar) the culture of urbanity is in different African cities, and most importantly to share this information so that more of us can have an idea of how it looks like in our neighboring cities. Hopefully this could be one of the many ways to unscramble our continent using photography and video as a key tool. 

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Mutua Matheka

Photographer, artist, (former) architect and avid traveler, with a great eye for showcasing African landscapes, architecture and cultures. He has been a photographer since 2010 and has a dream of photographing all African cities. Mutua chooses to see the beauty in the mundane.

Instagram: @truthslinger

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Josh Kisamwa

Travel & Documentary storyteller using film as his medium. Inspired by the stories he hears from the people he meets all over the continent.

Instagram: @joshkisamwa

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Lulu Kitololo

Artist, designer, creative director and storyteller whose current tools of choice are illustration and graphic design. Inspired by nature, tropical colour as well as culture and craft traditions from across the continent – content creation is her cup of tea.

Instagram: @lulukitololo

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Joe Were

Travel and documentary photographer, linguist, Instagram influencer and adventure-seeker. Joe has an eye for landscapes and capturing human moments of beauty.

Instagram: @jaydabliu